QFS – How will start

Time passed in the waiting. Behind the “Behind the scenes” is an underground war interwoven with many forces of Light – Darkness. And in the end, there will be good and true things that exist with the operation of QFS.
Keep the faith, when you understand what we have to go through to get to this brand new world with brand new financial system, tourism system, health system, education, free energy costs, health and regenerative technologies and cures are released and more, then we will all appreciate it very much…

We still have many years to build good things ahead.
You will soon receive an update at the start of commissioning / RV and all information available both on the press release / offer / final procedure / document details and about the first commercial filings ( Great profiles on the same platform/dealing desk in the world).
Just to reiterate that there is currently no deadline for any files to submit so there is no need to rush. Let’s wait together for the very near day when change begins.

Continue to ignore any messages being passed through and buyer offers, all of which are fake. You will soon notice that this number of buyers / offers will be reduced to a minimum. None of them will gain access while through us “first access” is just the beginning of solid external proof for the seller.
It will make things easier and most will not need to discuss anything other than us (the end buyer for all historic properties globally). Everything will be really organized, fair and logical, tight but very rewarding. Our buyer team will keep good communication with everyone and there will be no more headaches for moderators and sellers.
Stay tuned for my next email with very good news.
If you would like more information, please contact:
What has caused the recent delay. There are many situations where it is uncertain what is true and what is not, but here are some updates.
Behind the scenes of chaos:
During last night’s info call it was mentioned that this recent delay was due to Deep State (DS) bankers trying to Block this new system.
But they were taken care of.. however soon there comes a time, when they won’t be able to do anything.
DS will do anything in their power to create destruction before they lose everything. They still try to keep the “Darkness” in their affairs.
The good news is that our Army and Team Alliance have always been ahead and ahead of their plans and are now in 90% control, and more. Countless dark conspiracies have been discovered and neutralized. They did not understand why their forces were weakening. I don’t understand why they can’t carry out the plan they worked so hard for.
The power is waning and the Alliance of Lights is taking over all their wrongdoing.
Very quickly, According to the last buyer and the rest – they say the star is at the end of this month. To my knowledge we can get paid somewhere between 1st to 2nd week of October from QFS (I was wrong and it could be earlier)
I follow the encrypted news inside and this is what I learned from that information. Certain events must occur that will trigger the Issuance of a New Banking System and
issue new money mainly after the stock market weakens. After the market went out all investors’ predictions as well as all technical indicators. That is to affirm the power of QFS with superior QC.

A series of events that are likely to happen in the context of the raging Covid-19 epidemic:
The announcement of audit results on September 24
Remove the Presidency / Existing Authority
EBS – global emergency broadcasting system.
The Global War Fear event will trigger a global lockdown.
Big events, big fluctuations cause crashes in stock markets of countries…
The Global Awakening of the Mass to the Truth of Mind, Spirituality.
In the Quantum world, the required % of Quantum Consciousness age is required.

New system launch – QFS and many more events.

Necessary actions.
Beware of Fake Buyers without a proper license or authority – anyone can be a buyer. They just talk and say their update requests. Sign meaningless documents and find ways to make common property theirs.
Arrest in Reno / update telegram from Intel Supplier
There was a meeting in Reno yesterday and they called some people over to talk. By the time they got there 98% had been arrested.

For years we have heard that arrests will increase in the last days of the RV GCR. As soon as the party (arrested) exchanges currency/bonds etc., they will be arrested for the crimes committed. The main crime is taking someone else’s valuable property without proper license or authority. How many “payers” will be arrested? We have no way of knowing.
All of this is to be expected, and we don’t expect to ease, either, until the RV GCR is finished and completed – around October!?
Of course in the satisfied smile of God, Buddha, World Spiritual Council…
If you are one of the Brave Hearts who have stayed until the end of this course, you have always believed that once the old System is gone – surrendered – removed, that in a fairer and more just world , you will have the same ability to exchange and even negotiate a “rate contract” for your projects, your collective, your people, your country.
If you believe in the eventual return of Freedom and Sovereignty to be found in NESARA with the principles of common law fairness, congratulations for your wisdom and especially for your perseverance. shown. Directs the removal of those who fear touting that “only they can trade”, some have done. Some of them understood that.
The “arrest” of hundreds of thousands of people is committed and it is written down. These arrests were foretold and foretold and we, Level 4, must stand to witness the purge of this great crime. We have to manage the development of a Beautiful World, free of corruption and blackmail. Given the sheer number of Level 4s, we’ll see this Good Deed happen quickly.

Let’s wait and let’s step into the Golden era of humanity once again. The era when the light of truth illuminates every soul for the community. Era of:

Congratulations to all of you!

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