QFS – and the term NEW SYSTEM that connects things

Change always needs a picture to complete all plans. See excellence in the applications that produce the best results. Here is an explanation of some of the terms that will accompany all of us along the way.

1. “QFS” – Quantum Final System

Means ‘Quantum Financial System’, a general term used to link/refer to QDL-based architectural technology applied to international banking and financial system characterized by liquidity. Real-time digital clearing and settlement.

2. “Quantum”

Meaning a type of computation that exploits the common properties of quantum states, such as superposition, interference, and entanglement to perform computation using qubit processing as opposed to binary-based processing.

3. “RTGS” Real Time Gross Settlement

Means ‘Real-time compounding’ whereby a payment system transfers funds continuously, in real time, to each individual fund transaction [as opposed to batch processing at intervals – like NEFT] , often combined with HVP on an interbank basis.

4. “RV” Revaluation of Currencies

Means ‘Currency revaluation’ as a calculated adjustment to the fixed exchange rate of a particular currency/currency that changes the value of that currency, whether revaluation or devaluation – often combined with GCR.

5. “GCR” Global Currency Reset

Means a “Global Monetary Reset,” where an asset-backed currency would eventually replace the post-war Bretton Woods-based monetary system.

6. “RV-GCR System Price-Exchange Rates” System Price-Exchange Rates

Meaning that GCR-based RVs published by through their Commissions, Bureaus and Agencies reflect a unique formulation combination of the original size integration criteria of the precious metal backing, variable price volatility, penalized IA credit allocation when converting to QDL, principal versus withdrawal issues, compounded principled interest, RV-GCR quantum liquidity ratios and targets .

7. “NIMS” New International Monetary System

Meaning ‘New International Monetary System’, is the Post Bretton-Woods system, in which the post-free/regulated floating exchange system is replaced by a fixed base gold exchange standard. new digitally treated ‘Specie-Standard’;

8. Off-Ledger “ledger”

Meaning that any one of the various ledgers of the Banking System is not available to M1-M6, institutional or public.

9. “TRN” Transaction Reference Number

Means a ‘Transaction Reference Number’, which generally denotes any Reference Number previously created, issued and/or used to designate a CCP-based submitted or sanctioned transaction, pending valid or effective.

10. “Historical Assets” Historical Assets

Means various international historical debt obligations in the form of historical records, bonds, artifacts, statutes, precious metal artifacts and instruments, other evidence of debt and currency, in addition to currency currently in circulation and/or accepted as legal tender today [collectively, “Historical Assets”]

11. “Blockchain” Blockchain

A system in which records of transactions made in cryptocurrency are maintained on a linked network of computers.

12. “HVP” High Value Payments

Means that high-value Payments, typically transported by RTGS-based systems, are identified as ‘high priority’ for settlement and clearing, generally referring to the size of liquidity and insurance coverage. secret.

13. “IL P” Inter Ledger Protocol

Means “Inter Ledger Protocol”, where a Blockchain protocol is used for payments on different payment networks.

14. “Infinity Accounts [IA]” Infinity Accounts

This means that international bank accounts held in a single micro and small business ledger represent a combined accumulation of principal and interest over securitized historical commitments, mortgage, exchange and original.

15. “QDL”

This means that a high-speed, multi-node, high-storage database is shared and synchronized across multiple sites, organizations, and geographies, which can be accessed by multiple users using the processor. qubit-Quantum management, typically for [Internet of Things]-based architectures.

16. “USN / USTN” United States Notes’/’United States Treasury Notes

Means ‘US Notes’ / ‘US Treasury Notes’, representing the electronic and physical denominations of the US-backed asset-based Quantum Ledger system issued in USD in Republic of the United States and International, respectively.

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